Tuesday, 18 November 2008

George Osborne Open Letters

Please send your open letters to be considered for publishing on this site.
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Dmegs Web Directory Dear Chancellor Can I suggest a way out of the morass – promote profit, pursue excellence, attack mediocrity and, above all, encourage confidence? How? Scrap Corporation Tax and substitute a tax on site values. Site values are easy to determine, much easier than mansions &c. When a company has paid its tax, it keeps everything it makes. It encourages best use of land and, if firms can’t afford it, they make way for those who can. It would help to rebalance the UK as firms moved to the Provinces to pay less tax. And you can’t export it to Monaco. In short, give Georgism a new and contemporary meaning. Leave out the Henry. That apart, I commend you read ispy in the attachment and detox the system. This is currently with my publishers. Left wing ideology has been unchallenged for far too long, especially the word “Equality” and the use of the word “right”. I explain why it is much better to talk of fair play than equality, and no use at all to talk of rights unless they also convey benefits and bring responsibilities. A bit of accountability would do no harm either. For light reading The Mad Hatters Committee Meeting. Very best wishes, Alan Share