Thursday, 27 November 2008

George Osborne Bullingdon Club

George Osborne is pictured above on the far left as a member of the secretive Bullingdon Club. This picture was published in The Times newspaper as it emerged that David Cameron, a few years Osborne's senior had also been a member of this 'fraternity'. Membership is the reserve of the higher echelons of society. The
outfits alone cost £3000. It is an organization that embodies the very pinnacle of
arrogance and snobbery. Members engage in boisterous drinking sessions followed by
sessions of riotous vandalism. The 'thrill' is to see how much they can get away with in terms of trashing private and public property while using their parents' wealth and influence to pay off and hush up complainants. No wonder Cameron tried to stop the publication of his own photo as a member of the Bullingdon. An artist's impression of which can be seen at Third from the right centre is Nat Rothschild. He is an heir to the famous jewish banking dynasty's wealth. Today he is estimated to be worth in excess of 12 billion pounds. He has also personally and through his mother, Lady Rothschild, made campaign contributions to Osborne's in excess of £500,000. So you can see why these two old Bullingdon friends fell out so spectacularly after Nat had felt that George had betrayed his confidence. Osborne had it seemed risen above his station and to put it bluntly forgotten which side his bread had been buttered. Rothschild money had bailed Yeltsin out in the time of Russia's economic and political collapse. In return state assets were sold at knock
down prices to a connected few, thus creating the super-rich,mostly jewish, russian oligarchs such as Deripaska,Abramovich,Berezovsky etc. Despite denying Rothschild's
claims that he had tried to raise money from Oleg Deripaska,Russia's wealthiest man,
it did not look good;the fact that he was accompanied in the meetings by the Tory party's chief fundraiser. Does this explain Cameron and Osborne's over zealous pandering to the 'Friends of Israel' lobby. Is the UK destined to go the way of US
poiltics where special interests particularly AIPAC hold so much sway. At the very least it shows extremely poor judgement on Osborne's part to lay bare the notion that our future chancellor could be beholden to the interests of Russian oligarchs and the banking sector. The very same malgoverned banking sector that has reeked so much havoc in our economy to date.