Thursday, 26 March 2015

Tory's Cheek to ask Public for Donations

Dear Mr Osborne,
 How dare you send an email asking for money, when you have taken everything away from me. I was born in 1953, so I am no longer entitled to be a pensioner. I stayed at home to look after my children so I do not have enough payments for a full state pension. I was divorced and thought that my ex husbands contributions would cover me but you have changed that.I have a letter from Newcastle dated in 2010 confirming this. As I become pensionable age after 2016 I can no longer rely on my ex husbands contributions because i stayed at home at kept things going in a foreign country while he was away working. He was a flight engineer with Gulf Air and was away for days at a time and to keep the family together I stayed at home in Bahrain and looked after the children. I did not get Child allowance so that does not count, because I didn't take anything from the government I can't get anything now. I as far as I am concerned I have voted Conservative all my life but not now you have sold my generation down the river and I now look upon old age with fear as I do not know what is going to happen to me. Why pick on my age group, why have you made the upping of the pension age so dramatic to my age group. I should have retired two years ago but now have to wait until 2017 when I should have retired in 2013. I have a part time job that pays me £110.56 a week I have been told that this needs to be £111 to qualify for contributions again just short. I am bloody well fed up of just not reaching the goal-post, State pension age, state pension payment, even my salary. All this has happened late in my life with no real warning so that I could have calculated things differently. Maybe staying married to a drunk just to get my pension, leaving my kids with a Sri Lankan or Philippino house maid while I earned something to pay my own contributions.My goal in life was to be a good mother, little did I know this was going to kick me in the arse in later life. I did start work again as the children became independent, but that hasn't helped me either. But no everything that I thought would give me some security in later life has been taken away at such a late time in my life. What are you bringing back next year, work houses for the elderly!! Will I donate to the Conservatives, I can't afford it and even if I could it would be over my dead body but even that I cannot afford to die at the moment!!!! From a very disappointed Jacqueline P